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Bluefin General Contracting

Bluefin General Contracting provides a variety of services for homeowners, architects and developers throughout the Hamptons.  In addition to general contracting and construction management, the team at Bluefin can also provide plan review, budgeting, value engineering, and project planning services. Honesty, integrity and exceptional communication skills are the cornerstones of Bluefin’s success.


When working with developers, Tom Schaub and his team follow a proven process developed over many successful projects which identifies opportunities that will maximize return on capital. Focused on finding unique properties with the potential to accommodate estate-quality homes, Bluefin aims to match the style of each home they build to the character of the surrounding neighborhood. Rather than focusing on one or two particular styles and repeating them in many locations, Bluefin strives to create homes that fit seamlessly into their surroundings.


Communication is the key to Bluefin’s process. Building a home is a complex undertaking, and Tom is always accessible to clients, working with them to identify and solve many potential problems before they occur. Tom believes in doing it right the first time, and above all, Bluefin’s primary goal is satisfied customers who receive excellent value for their construction dollars. The company is dedicated to helping every client make the best decisions based on the goals for their home, to create the ideal environment to fulfill their needs and support their lifestyle. Whether the project is a new home or a renovation of an existing one, Bluefin works tirelessly to fulfill their clients’ vision.


Bluefin homes are all built with an enduring, timeless quality. The company seeks out the most durable products and finishes that will hold up as the homes are used.  Utilizing the latest technology, as well as a team of highly skilled craftsmen and sub-contractors hand-picked for each project, Bluefin delivers homes of exceptional quality, character and value.  Bluefin understands that whether the home they are building represents the client’s personal desire or an investment opportunity, it should be built with a sharp eye, focused on achieving high-end quality while employing critical cost control measures. Bluefin homes are built to be lived in, built to be loved, built to last.


The Bluefin commitment to superior construction and customer satisfaction is unwavering and Tom personally invites you to contact him to explore the possibilities for your new build or renovation project.