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de la Motte - Schult

Founded and headed by Niklas de la Motte and Peter Schult, de la Motte | Schult is a full service development company specializing in the design and execution of superior residential property in the Hamptons. With a portfolio of over 25 high end homes and 20 years of experience, de la Motte | Schult sets new standards for designing and building homes in premier Hamptons locations. Distinguished by their dedication to quality and vision for combining modern elements with the East End’s classic style, de la Motte and Schult are committed to delivering luxurious homes enhanced by the beauty of their surroundings.

Both de la Motte and Schult are full-time East End residents with an entirely hands-on approach, overseeing every phase of development from planning to execution. “We build as though we are building a home for ourselves,” they explain. “Finishing every single aspect of each home to the level we would want for our own requires an intense and unfailing level of attention to detail. Being present on site every day is absolutely critical to achieving that end.”

Developing successful projects requires a keen sense of vision for the unique possibilities that land in the Hamptons presents. De la Motte and Schult are experts at identifying key properties in exceptional locations and creating distinctive, state-of-the-art homes with striking aesthetics and functional layouts.

Niklas de la Motte was raised between Paris and London and graduated from Harvard University. Prior to moving to Long Island, he owned and ran a hedge fund in Manhattan.

Peter Schult was born and raised on Long Island and has a law degree from Hofstra University. He has been building high end homes since 1995.