The Dubrow Group draws on 40+ years of experience in construction management, owner representation, and real estate development to provide owners and investors with a broad range of services.  Having worked on a variety of different projects throughout the Hamptons, including new construction, restoration of historic homes, renovations and additions to existing homes we are able to provide a wide range of options and services for all types of construction.  Forming strong relationships with an ever-growing network of architects, designers, engineers and contractors, we assemble the perfect team for each unique project.


For Homeowners

Building a home for your family is a major undertaking. From finding the right location to choosing an architect to the actual construction, the amount of research and the many decisions necessary can at times be overwhelming.  At the Dubrow Group we have successfully completed a variety of projects from finding and purchasing the site to completion of a move-in ready home on a landscaped property. We have developed a formula for bringing together all the parties involved in the project and keeping them focused from start to finish to achieve the desired result – the completion of a beautiful, well-built, quality home. 


For Investors 

Real estate development in The Hamptons has proven to be a very lucrative investment for many individuals and groups. Although the challenges are significant, when properly executed the results are equally rewarding.  The key to succeeding starts with identifying the right property, but then quickly turns to design, construction and scheduling.  For the project to move smoothly it is important to set one central focus point that will keep everyone involved on track to the finish line. At Dubrow Group we become that linchpin uniting all the parties around the goal. We assist with site selection by offering comprehensive market analysis, zoning requirements and price negotiations, utilizing resources provided by Justin Dubrow, who is also a licensed real estate agent with Saunders & Associates. We act as your representative to fully coordinate the project through construction and closeout, selecting and overseeing architects, builders and others involved in the building process. Upon completion we market your product with the full resources of Saunders & Associates.