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Mingino & Rosen Builders

Jeffrey Rosen and Gerard Mingino have joined forces since 1999 to combine cutting edge technology with timeless design to build highly-in-demand custom homes. Rosen and Mingino have their fingers on the pulse of the Hamptons homebuyer, building contemporary barn style homes which beautifully transition from entertaining showcases to comfortable retreats.


Their unique designs with Yankee Barn Homes® utilize a streamlined process that can deliver a dream Hamptons home in a timely and cost efficient manner with every luxury and amenity included. The superior quality control process eliminates waste and delays and embraces energy efficient modern green building using sustainably produced materials. Advanced 3D Architectural software allows clients to choose floor plans and interior finishes.


The partnership capitalizes on Mingino’s 35 years of building experience and Rosen’s successful interior and architectural design career. Rosen notes, “My look includes everything from Traditional to Modern, with architecture and structure always playing primary roles in the design. Layering of color, texture and finish are crucial elements in achieving the desired effect I’m after.”


Mingino comments on the distinct Hamptons reference of the iconic post and beam Yankee Barn Homes®, “The barn can take many shapes. We’ve done homes that have a barn look to them and combine that with a modern feeling with clean lines and a lot of glass.  Buyers respond to the warmth of the houses and how we finish the interiors. It’s a nice clean feel, youthful, and a great use of space.”


With their experienced eyes Rosen and Mingino identify the value in properties and create houses in context to fit the property and neighborhood. Their designs include stunning pools and landscaping.  The dynamic duo has earned a reputation for quality and enjoys trusted and respected relationships in the building community. Mingino says, “It never pays to cut corners.  You have to build a house that’s going to last and satisfy the client and us. We pride ourselves in that regard.  It’s important to us.”